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Tool Hire

We stock an extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

From steam cleaners to scaffold, chainsaws to cherry-pickers, hire periods can start from a single day.

Hire what you need from our extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

Most items can be hired by the day.

We stock an extensive range of equipment, tools and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Tools, equipment and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Lifting & Shifting

When you need to lift something, you can select one of our many lifting appliances. Heavy pieces of steel are no match for our genie lifts or beam lifters. Cut your labour costs down with our panel lifters which make lifting plaster board so simple. Clamps, hoist, sling, machine skates, toe jacks and gantries are all part of our lifting and shifting toolbox. All there to make the job easier for you.

All items are fully tested and serviced before each new hire. Demonstrations, correct method of use and any safety requirements are supplied by our fully trained staff. We strongly recommend that customers when advised also take appropriate safety equipment.

Prices exclude VAT and are for guidance only. A refundable deposit is required on all hire items. Our delivery and collection service may be available, charged depending on location. Discounts may be available for extended hire or large orders. Contact us for more details.


Chain Blocks

These manual single fall hoists make heavy manual lifting easy. Ideally used in factories, workshops and garages and on building and heavy construction sites.

SWL 1 tonne
Max lift height 6m
Weight 18Kg

6m drop as standard. Forged steel hooks. Spring loaded return springs on lifting hooks. Grade 80 load chain for super strength.

Our range range of chain hoists (All standard 6m drop chain blocks) goes from 500kg to 3000kg - ask for details.

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Fall Arrest Block

A fall arrest system with a self retractable cable integrating a locking device with an energy dissipation element. Fully automatic so no adjustment needed. Ideally used with the anchor man system.

Weight 3.9Kg
Capacity 136Kg

Safety at height blocks keeps you safe. Immediately arrests falls and allows personnel to be winched back to safety. Retrieval block. Arrester block for added safety. Fall arrest system is easy to set up.

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Safety Harness

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Roof Anchor System

This two man anchor system is designed to provide safety where guard rails are not provided. The easy to set up two man anchor system is ideal for short term maintenance operations on flat or industrial steel clad pitch roofs up to 15 deg. Must be used with safety harness and retractable fall arrest systems.

Weight 136Kg

Unique surface mounted anchor fall arrest systems available for hire. Safety harness available to buy. Easy to set up securely and very safe.

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Kerb/Flag Vacuum Lifter Electric

This two man, rechargable battery vacuum lift pump with powerful suction aids the lifting of paving slabs, concrete and stone products up to 150kg, allowing the materials to be accurately placed with tight joints and no crushed fingers.

SWL 150Kg
Power 12v battery
Base size 440mm x 240mm
Weight 16Kg

Two man operation. Lifts and drops materials with minimum effort. Rechargable battery gives 8hrs operation.

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Kerb Lifter Manual

This two man kerb lifter easily lifts and places kerbstones and flags in place.

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Tirfor TU32 Winch

For lifting, pulling and positioning loads over great distances. Manageable, light weight, robust and powerful tirfors use a simple lever operation to lift and pull loads manually.

SWL 3200Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 676mm x 156mm x 330mm
Weight 27Kg

Simple and controllable lever operation. Can be used for pulling and lifting. Simple operation and S.W.L up to 3200Kg. Can be used in forestry, agriculture, civil engineering and steel erection.

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Material Lifting

Electric Ladder Hoist

This lightweight and portable ladder hoist allows building materials, roof tiles, bricks etc. to be easily moved up to suitable working height on site. Lightweight and easily transported, the ladder hoist is the best way to get building materials from ground level to roof/window access.

Supplied with a base structure of 7.8m (1 x foot section, 3 x 2m rails and 1 x head section).

Voltage 110v
Control voltage 240v
Lifting capacity 200Kg
Lift speed 22m / min
Rope diameter 6mm
Standard rope length 44m
Weight of hoist 60Kg

Ideal for building sites. Comes in sections. Easy to set up. Takes most building materials up to roof/window height. Stand off control unit.

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Genie Manual Superlift SLA 10

This manual lift/stacker is compact and portable. Set up is quick without any tools. The Genie SLA 10 is suitable for warehouse work and on-site tasks such as ducting and ventilation installation. Available with a full range of accessories.

SWL 454Kg
Max left height (forks down) 2.97m
Max lift height (forks up) 3.49m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.5m x 0.8m x 2m

Versatile, lightweight, aluminium material lift. Fold-away legs for easy transportation. Travel locking bar secures the machine when in transit. Mounted on castors for easy manoeuvrability.


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Genie Manual Superlift SLA 15

With a safe working load of 363kg and a variety of heights up to 25ft, these compact material lifts have multiple uses in construction, entertainment , engineering and maintenance sections. The rear transport wheels also allow manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces.

SWL 363Kg
Max lift height (forks down) 4.46m
Max lift height (forks up) 4.98m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.88m x 0.8m x 2m
Width (open) 1.85m


One man operation. Silent manual winch will raise loads to heights of up to 7.6m. Strong yet lightweight. Easy to use and manoeuvre. Heavy duty design.

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Genie Manual Superlift SLA 20

A telescopic vertical lifting device mounted on castors for general lifting of materials. Portable and easy to use, often employed for lifting steel RSJ's or lintels into place on work and building sites.

SWL 363Kg
Max lift height 6.46m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.08m x 0.8m x 2m
Weight 184Kg

Can be used with extension forks. One speed winch with silent ratchet system. Designed to lift, move and position various loads. Operated easily by one person. This lifter / stacker is lightweight and compact .

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Genie Manual Lift SLA 25

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Genie Lift Extension Forks

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Beam/RSJ Lifter

This compact beam lifter will lift heavy loads such as steel beams, wooden joist in to site with ease. Fully portable and compact it can be broken down for easy transportation.

Lifting capacity 600Kg (SWL)
Max lift height 3m
Lifting operation Manual
Weight 70Kg
Dimensions (L x W) 360mm x 220mm

Fitted with rotational platform for easy positioning of load. Crane hook to lift loads off ground. Fully mobile with locking wheels. Lift loads up to 600kg to a maximum of 3m. Jib extension of 1.37m.

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Plasterboard/MDF Panel Lifting Winch

Does as good a job as a couple of extra hands. This purpose built panel lift turns plaster boarding ceilings, dry lining walls and similar panel fixing operations in to one man jobs. Simply lift the panels in to position and leave the lift to hold them while you fix them permanently into position.

SWL 68Kg
Max lift height 3.4m
Weight 45Kg

Takes standard sheets up to 4.9m x 1.2m. Manually operated with automatic safety brake. Easy to assemble. Tilt head for safe accurate positioning.

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Roust-about R-200 Lift and Extension Bar

The Roust-about R-200 enables one man to lift and place loads in tight locations that would be impossible with other lifts. Acts like a mini crane and will lift materials up to 680kg to a height of 7.6m.

SWL 680Kg
SWL with extension 455Kg
Max lift height 7.6m
Dimensions (L x W x H)

1.5m x 1.5m x 3.2m

Weight 178 Kg

Easily operated by one person. Comes with extension bar. Large wheels enable free and easy movement. Two winches operate load and elevation separately. Mast and base separate for easy transport.

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Engine Crane

A hydraulic engine crane ideal for removing engines and lifting heavy objects. These lifting tools have a wide range of applications including loading items on to vehicles on hard, level surfaces.

SWL 1 ton
Max lift height 2.42m
Dimensions (closed, L x W x H) 454mm x 1090mm x 1680mm
Weight 121Kg

Quick and easy to dismantle. 25mm - 2200mm lifting range. A must have for lifting engines and heavy components. Universal wheels provide easy manoeuvring and positioning. Long reach legs for added stability and balance.

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Girder Clamp

Available in various sizes, girder or beam clamps are a most useful item for any rigging situation. They are a lightweight and flexible means of securing a load onto a beam.

SWL 2 tonne - 25 tonne
Flange size 76mm - 610mm

Can be used for lifting or pulling. Easy to install. Fully adjustable clamp. Comes with D-shackle to attach chain block. Lifting chains available. Webb slings available to buy on request.

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Girder Trolley

For use with mobile gantries, these girder trolleys provide the mobile suspension point to both support and move loads easily.

SWL 3000Kg
Flange 75mm - 190mm
Weight 27Kg

Scissor clamp action for fast fixing and quick release. Lifting straps and lifting chains available on request. Webb slings also available.

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Scaffold Hoist

Electric Scaffold Hoist

The choice for builders and other trades working off scaffolding needing a fast reliable and powered hoist to lift mortar, tools and materials quickly.


Max lift height 25m
Voltage 110v
Lifting speed 19m / minute
Control cable length 2.5m
Weight 52Kg

Simply clamps to vertical scaffold poles. Fall safe brake, cable tensioner and limit switch. 80L bucket also available to hire. A specially made wheelbarrow is also available to take mortar, bricks etc up to height.

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Bucket for Hoist

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Lifting Chains for Hoist

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Wheelbarrow for Hoist

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Hydraulic Toe Jack 5 Tons

These 5-ton toe jacks operate rotationally with a swivel body. Full 360deg can be used both vertically and horizontally. Carries full capacity on both head and toe. Low toe clearance ideally used for factory clearance and construction sites.

Capacity 5 ton
Lifting range (foot) 25 - 230mm
Lifting range (head) 368-573mm
Weight 25Kg

Compact and stable construction. Can be used in any posistion. Housing revolves 360 degrees, lowering speed can be accurately adjusted. Protected against overload. Other sizes available on request.

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Hydraulic Toe Jack 20 Tons

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Bottle Jack

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Cable Drum Jack

The traditional way to support heavy drums of cable, these no nonsense jacking stands are as simple to use as they are effective. Used to lift, support and distribute low and high voltage cable drums enabling efficient cable laying and pulling.

SWL (per pair) 10 tonne
Min drum diameter 1360mm
Weight 45Kg

Traditional tommy bar operated screw action. Strong, stable fabricated steel supports.

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Machine Moving Skates 15 Tonne

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Machine Moving Skates 20 Tonne

Light duty machine skates designed to be used in the toughest of situations. Ideal for moving machinery, safes and other heavy items. This caterpillar design allows movement to be smooth and effortless.

SWL 20 tonne
Length handles 790mm
Spacer bars 450mm

Kit includes 4 x skates , 4 x tables ( 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel ), 2 x handles, 2 x pinch bars. Compact load skates and swivel all in one. Steel caterpillars for a variety of floor surfaces.

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Machine Moving Skates - Heavy Duty

Our 30 tonne shifting skates offer the simplest way to put awkward loads on wheels. Easy to pull, these skates will glide effortlessly over smooth ground.

SWL 30 tonne
Weight 68.5Kg

Low weight. Compact size for easy transportation. Full front steering efficiency.

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Pallet Truck

Our pallet trucks or pump trucks can lift up to 2500Kg S.W.L. Designed for moving loads over smooth surfaces, it features a pump action to raise the load and a lever to lower the load. This pallet truck is designed to be operated by one person. Can be used in factories, warehouses and shops.

SWL 2500Kg
Max lift height 200mm
Fork length 1150mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1550mm x 540mm x 1200mm
Weight 83Kg

Ideal for boxed and palleted loads. Highly manoeuvrable. Tough nylon wheels.

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Sack Truck / Trolley

Ideal for use on a hard surface such as in a warehouse or on tarmac or tiles. This sack trolley is capable of carrying 200kg. The large fixed front lifting plate can accommodate a wide range of load sizes.

SWL 200Kg
Weight 20Kg

A general-purpose load shifter.

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Stair-climbing Truck/Trolley

Moving heavy items or furniture up and down stairs is easy with this cleverly designed trolley.

SWL 50Kg
Weight 8Kg

Designed to go up and down stairs. Easily moves most office furniture, equipment and appliances. Crawler wheel capability. Used by removal companies for its flexibility and ease of use.

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Electric Stair-climbing Truck/Trolley

This electric appliance truck is ideal for carrying furniture, household appliances and other large heavy items up and down stairs safely. The speed of the tracks can be controlled by holding down the silver button and operating the + or  - control.

Load capacity 150Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 610mm x 520mm x 1100mm
Plate size 400mm x 475mm
Weight 25Kg

The unit folds away for easy transportation and storage. Fitted with 2x front swivel castors and 2x rear castors with brakes. Three speeds, fitted with heavy duty tracks for excellent grip. Battery charge time is approx 4hrs. A fully charged battery will provide 1.5hrs of operation.

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4-Wheeled Bogey

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