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Tool Hire

We stock an extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

From steam cleaners to scaffold, chainsaws to cherry-pickers, hire periods can start from a single day.

Hire what you need from our extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

Most items can be hired by the day.

We stock an extensive range of equipment, tools and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Tools, equipment and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Cutting and Sanding

The Northern Tool Hire cutting and sanding range provides craftsman with the necessary tools for creating a quality finish. The equipment on offer includes masonry, metal, timber and tile cutting tools, allowing the flexibility to work with almost any material. Our range of saws include reciprocating saws, mitre/crosscut saws, circular saws and cordless saws.

All items are fully tested and serviced before each new hire. Demonstrations, correct method of use and any safety requirements are supplied by our fully trained staff. We strongly recommend that customers when advised also take appropriate safety equipment.

Prices exclude VAT and are for guidance only. A refundable deposit is required on all hire items. Our delivery and collection service may be available, charged depending on location. Discounts may be available for extended hire or large orders. Contact us for more details.


Chainsaw with Safety Kit - Electric

Makita electric 110v/240v chainsaw is a modern lightweight chainsaw with automatic oil feed to give your blade long lasting sharpness. Ideal for small pruning and light trimming jobs. Complete with safety kit.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Blade length 400mm
Cable length 4m

Oil fill level window. Large metal spike bumper kickback brake. Adjustable automatic oil pump. Easy to use chain adjuster. Comes complete with fully sharpened blade.
Popular applications include log cutting, tree felling, hedge cutting and land clearance.

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Chainsaw with Safety Kit - Two-stroke

Makita /Husqvarna 2 stroke petrol chainsaws are developed for hard demanding work. Ideal for tree felling, chopping wood, pruning and most construction site work.

Power Two-stroke petrol
Cutting length 450mm
Weight 7Kg

Detailed and in depth demonstration given. Full safety kit supplied. Anti kick bar for added safety. Anti-vibration dampers to absorb full vibration impact. Easy pull start. Fuel (ready mixed) and chain oil also available.

IMPORTANT: Chainsaws are only available to competent over 18s. We reserve the right to refuse service.

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Plunge Saw (Wood)

Whether you are a shopfitter, kitchen fitter, carpenter, joiner, builder or diy enthusiast, this versatile DeWalt wood-cutting bench saw with its radial arm will cut accurate bevels and mitres.

Voltage 110v
Power 1600w
Blade diameter 216mm (8½")
Blade centre bore 30mm
Max cut depth 80mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 490mm x 550mm 590mm
Weight 14Kg

Aluminium blade available to use with this machine - please enquire. Dust extraction facility available separately. Assortment of different cutting blades available. Soft start, electronic brake.

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Ideal for working on worktops and kitchen fitting applications. If you are cutting straight lines or curves in wood, plastic or metal you will find this versatile electric saw quick and easy to use. Only brand names like Makita, Dewalt and Bosch are hired.

Power 110v / 240v / Cordless
Depth in wood 135mm
Depth in metal 10mm
Weight 2.4Kg

Huge range of assorted blades supplied on a sale or return basis. Dust extractors available for hire with this machine. Easy to fit blades. Soft handles to minimise vibration. Speed control switch.

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Reciprocating Saw

When it comes to cutting wood, plastic, metal and plasterboard these saws can tackle them all including curved and straight cuts.

Voltage 110v / 240v / Cordless
Power 1500w
Cutting depth (wood) 255mm
Cutting depth )metal) 130mm
Weight 4.7Kg

Reciprocating blades available on sale or return basis. We stock blades for all applications in assorted lengths. Low vibration end mounted blade for hard to reach areas. Speed control switch.

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This Hitachi router is ideal for cutting joints, grooves and rebates. This powerful plunge router will make any kitchen fitting job easy.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Power 1600w
Plunge depth 60mm
Collet sizes 10mm, 13mm
Weight 6Kg

Router cutters available for sale or return. Dust extraction facility, quick release depth adjustment, speed switch. Can be hired with worktop jig.

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Router/Jig/Worktop Cutter

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Circular Saw

Powerful saw used for the cutting of straight lines quickly and easily. Will cut sheet materials such as MDF, plywood and chipboard. Also ideal for timber decking, planks of wood and blockboard.

Voltage 110v
Power 1100w
Blade diameter 235mm (9¼")
Weight 4.7Kg

Fully adjustable cutting blade. Instant power off safety switch. Riving knife and guide fence included. Dust extractor available separately. Fully adjustable depth cutting blade. P.P.E available to purchase - please ask.

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Alloy Cutting Mitre Saw

This Dewalt radial arm saw is a must for the professional joiner, shopfitter or carpenter. Cuts left and right hand compound cuts, cross cutting bevels and mitres on wood or plastic.

Voltage 110v
Power 1675w
Blade diameter 305mm (12")
Blade bore 30mm
Max cut depth 170mm
Weight 25Kg

Can be adapted to cut aluminium (aluminium blade provided on request ). We recommend you use a dust extraction system (available separately). Easy to use set up controls for bevels and mitres. Compact and lightweight. Large dual sliding fence.

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Cross-cut Mitre Saw

8" with telescope arm/timber

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Flipover Mitre Saw

For use as a saw bench when doing mitre and bevelled cuts.

Voltage 110v
Power 1650w
Blade diameter 250mm (10")
Blade bore 30mm
Depth of cut various
Weight 40Kg

Quick tool free transformation from mitre saw to table saw. Low noise levels. Compact, easy to set up and store away. Detachable legs for easy transportation. Guard retracts automatically in mitre mode for safe use. We recommend using with dust extraction system (available separately).

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Pull-through Mitre Saw

10" radial arms timber

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Bench Electric Saw

Voltage 110v
Power 1700w
Blade diameter 305mm (12")
Dimensions (L x W x H) 750mm x 900mm x 800mm
Weight 48Kg

For use as a fixed wood cutting saw bench. Ideal for 8x4 sheets when used with the extension frame.  Ideal for cutting long lengths of timber - just feed in and let this powerful saw do the rest.


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Power Plane

When you need to plane down wood to get a professional finish, this general purpose wood plane will get the job done.

Voltage 110v / Cordless
Plane width 82mm
Plane depth per travel 4mm
Weight 3.5Kg

Complete with dust collection bag. Fully adjustable plane depth guide fence for accuracy. Soft start/stop button. Easy to adjust plane depth.

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Biscuit Jointer

This Dewalt biscuit joiner is ideal for making biscuit joints fast. 6 depth adjustments and adjustable front fence.

Voltage 110v
Power 600w
Max cut depth 20mm
Weight 2.7Kg

Easy to adjust, set up and use. Suitable for angle joints from 0˚ to 90˚. Biscuits available separately.

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Laminate Trimmer

This Makita laminate trimmer is ideal for cutting and trimming the overlapping edges of laminate and wood veneers.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Power 440w
Weight 1.2Kg

Fully adjustable depth cutter. Can be used with dust extraction (available separately). Variable speed switch. Ideal for working in small areas.

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A versatile saw built to cut bricks, stone, concrete blocks, granite, marble and porcelain tiles. With its unique water feed system, dust is kept to a minimum .The sliding base ensures ease of cut accuracy and reliability.

Voltage 110v
Blade diameter 350mm
Max cut depth 110mm
Max cut length 800mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1124mm x 1270mm x 640mm
Weight 68Kg

Comes with wet/dry diamond blade (charge per mm on wear) fully adjustable to take either 300mm or 350mm diamond blades. Blades can be hired at an extra cost or purchased outright. Built in wheels, lockable, tilting cutting head for greater precision and rapid cutting.

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Circular Saw - Timber

All sizes wood cutting

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Arbortech Multi-purpose Saw

This Arbotech saw is suitable for a very broad range of applications such as brick removal, housing repair and repointing, installations of vents, electrical outlets and plumbing. Because it comes with an assortment of cutters it can be used for cutting tree branches, roots and wooden window frames.

Voltage 110v
Cutting width (dependent on blade) 6.5mm - 7.2mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 450mm x 75mm x 240mm
Weight 4.3Kg

Comes with dust boot which controls dust particles. Speed switch, easy to change cutters. Available with masonry blade, general purpose blade, plunge blade, wood blade. Reliable twin reciprocating cutting blades (wear charge applies).

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Evolution Metal-cutting Circular Saw 7"

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Evolution Metal-cutting Circular Saw 10"

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Kango KS26 Concrete-cutting Deep Plunge Saw - Electric

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Bench-top Cut-off Saw

Cuts metal pipes, rods and sections quickly and accurately on site.

Voltage 110v
Power 1650w
Disc size 255mm
Max cut depth 115mm
Weight 16.3Kg

Adjustable depth stop for precise, repeatable cutting depth. Guide plate allows 3 way adjustment for material holding. Carborundum blades can be purchased on sale or return basis. Quick release clamp to secure materials when cutting, pull down cutting method. Easy and safe to use. P.P.E available to purchase.

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Portable Cut-off Saw 12"

Hire a Stihl / Husqvarna quick cut portable saw for a professional  and high performance machine to use on stone ,concrete and brickwork, The Stihl ts 410 is compact , robust and reliable great for getting those grinding and cutting jobs done.

Fuel Petrol two-stroke
Disc size 305mm (12")
Max cut depth 100mm
Weight 9.7Kg

Can be used with water dust suppression kit (available separately) and different types of carborundum discs. For long life cutting, try using a diamond blade (available at extra cost). Low vibration, can be used with push along cart with attached water bottle.

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Block Splitter Manual

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Stone Cropper Hydraulic

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Angle Grinder 4½"

Powerful and universal tool used for all cutting and grinding applications, due to large range of interchangeable discs and blades suitable for cutting and grinding steel, raking out mortar joints and numerous other tasks.

Voltage 110v
Power 1050w
Disc size 125mm (4½")
Max cut depth 32mm (1¼")
Weight 2.4Kg

All rounder for medium duty cutting and grinding, weld dressing and brick raking. Small and compact, spindle lock button for ease of replacing used disc. Powerful, robust and easy to control.

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Angle Grinder 9" Electric

All rounder for medium duty cutting and grinding, weld dressing and brick raking etc. Small and compact. Spindle lock button for easy replacement of used disc. Powerful, robust and easy to control.

Voltage 110v
Disc size 230mm (9")
Max cut depth 64mm (2½")
Weight 4Kg

Low weight for easy handling. Ideal for grinding and cutting. Easy to change discs will cut most building materials. P.P.E available to purchase.

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Angle Grinder 12" Electric

This specialist cutting angle grinder will cut both stone and metal depending on which blade is used. Extremely powerful - you are guaranteed to get the job done. This 12” electric angle grinder can be applied to cut most construction building materials.

Voltage 110v
Disc size 305mm (12")
Max cut depth 100mm (4")
Bore size 20mm
Weight 10.3Kg

It is highly recommend to use dust extraction with this machine (available to hire separately). P.P.E available to buy. Carborundum stone or metal discs available on sale or return basis. Dry cut diamond blades available to hire or buy. Instant stop switch. Guide plate comes as standard.

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Wall Chaser - Twin Diamond Wheels

Designed to cut clean edge channels in masonry, concrete and brickwork. With it’s twin diamond cutting blades you are going to get a clean accurate cut with a track of your size and choice.

Voltage 110v
Power 1400w
Blade diameter 125mm
Max cut depth 30mm
Weight 4.5Kg

Adjustable cutting width and depth control for accurate and clean cutting. Soft start, constant speed control. Can be connected to dust extraction system. Front handle can be adjusted to multiple positions.

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Electric Nibbler - Metal Cutting

Cuts through sheet metal and other sheet materials. Built in thickness gauge for convenience. Easy punch and die replacement for reduced down time. This Makita metal nibbler will cut steel to 3mm thickness.

Voltage 110v
Power 550w
Max cut mild steel 1.6mm
Max cut stainless steel 1.2mm
Weight 1.5Kg

Compact, lightweight, easy and convenient to use, double insulated Makita reliability.

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Electric Shears - Metal Cutting

The scissor-like action gives fast and efficient cutting ability on sheet cladding fabrications, car bodywork and sunroofs.

Voltage 110v
Power 660w
Max cut in mild steel 3.2mm
Max cut in aluminium 3.2mm
Max cut in stainless steel 2.5mm
Weight 3.5Kg

Highly visible sight line for precise following of patterns. Large top handle for positive control. Built in thickness gauge. Easy to operate with Makita precision.

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Electric Tile Cutter - Light-duty

This small Belle electric tile cutter is ideal for small ceramic tiles. Suitable for enthusiastic diyers who want a professional finish at half the cost and suitable for cutting various tile types such as ceramic, quarry, terracotta and slate.

Voltage 240v
Power 450w
Max cut depth 34mm
Weight 48Kg

Diamond blade ensures cleaner cuts. Water cooled to contain dust. The table can be adjusted between 0˚, 45˚ and 90˚ to suit the cut. The machine comes complete with diamond blade.

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Electric Tile Cutter - Medium-duty

This robust clipper overhead tile saw is a lightweight, medium duty machine designed to manage larger sized floor and wall tiles. With its huge 580mm cutting bed, the TR200E has a maximum cutting depth of 50mm. Comes with a continuous rimmed ceramic diamond blade.

Voltage 110v
Power 900w
Max blade size 200mm
Max cut depth 50mm
Max cut depth at 90˚ 35mm
Max cut depth at 45˚ 25mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 930mm x 470mm x 120mm

Recirculating water pump and removable reservoir for easy cleaning. Tilting head for easy cutting of mitres, fold up legs and wheels for easy transportation, angled guide and cut. Comes complete with blade.

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Electric Tile Cutter - Heavy-duty

For more challenging jobs the Rubi DC 250 is the perfect answer. With its built in water pump and flow control it easily accomodates tiles up to 1205mm. Ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain, slate, quarry and terracotta tiles.

Voltage 110v
Maximum cutting thickness 61mm - 90mm
Diagonal cutting lengths 850mm x 850mm
Cutting length 1205mm
Dimensions (1600mm x 820mm x 1310mm
Weight 75Kg

Equipped with a zero dust system. Folding legs with built in wheels for easy carrying. Blade cooling with a controllable water pump. Comes complete with ready to use precise plunge effect cutting. Easy to use, simple to set up, powerful 900w motor.

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Floor Sander 8" Drum

High performance, commercial grade electric drum floor sander for all types of wood flooring including parquet. Also ideal for cleaning timber decking prior to re-sealing.

Voltage 240v
Power 1920w
Drum speed 1800rpm
Weight 42Kg

Collects 90% of dust by means of dust bag. Efficient 200mm (8”) wide sanding drum. Sanding sheets ranging from coarse to fine available on sale or return basis. Detachable handle for easy transportation.

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Floor Edging Sander 7" Disc

The floor edging sander with it’s 7” diameter sanding disc is one of the few machines capable of quickly sanding right up to your walls or skirting boards. Ideal for confined areas and will give you a score free finish on hard and soft wood floors.

Voltage 240v
Disc diameter 178mm
Weight 16.4Kg

A choice of sanding discs is available. Comes complete with dustbag, collects 90% of dust particles. Rear stability castors to enable machine to glide over work surface.

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Belt Sander 4"

This small, compact Makita belt sander will smooth out rough timber surfaces quickly and efficiently to give a professional finish. These powerful machines will allow large flat surfaces to be sanded in half the time of any other sander from rough to smooth in minutes.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Power 1040w
Belt size 100mm x 160mm
Belt speed 350m/min
Weight 7.3Kg

Single speed switch, comes with dust bag, keeps dust down to a minimum. Various grades of sanding belts for sale. Works perfectly in tight compact areas.

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Orbital Sander

We have a choice of either Makita, Dewalt or Bosch sanders with random orbit motions. The flat bed random orbital sander, which is also available, will give you a professional finish whether on woodwork, metalwork, car body or boat repairs.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Power 380w
Sanding pad (D.A.) diameter 150mm
Sanding sheet (Orb) diameter 115mm x 280mm
Weight (D.A.) 2Kg
Weight (Orb) 4Kg

For sanding and polishing wood, metal, paint and varnish. Pre -selected speed control, various choice of sanding pads. Dustbin comes as standard and collects 90% of dust particles.

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Dual Action Sander DA

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Disc Sander/Polisher/Buffer 7"

This 7” sander / polisher / buffer is superb for a multiple of job applications, be it on woodwork, metal work, car bodywork, plastic and even furniture. A vast range of discs can be put on this 7” disc sander to give you the required finish.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Power 1200w
Fibre disc diameter 180mm (7")
Weight 3.1Kg

Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed application, lock on button fast and powerful polishing large two finger trigger soft start operation.

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Drywall Sander

Whether you are sanding joints in plasterboard or removing old finishes, this purpose made 5 speed plaster-sander tackles the job up to four times faster than conventional  methods.

Voltage 110v
Power 300w
Disc diameter 225mm (9")
Weight 3.6Kg

Supplied with dust extraction at extra cost if required. Head swivels for sanding ceilings, reaches up to 3m. Warious grades of sanding disc /pads on sale or return basis. Speed control switch.

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