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Tool Hire

We stock an extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

From steam cleaners to scaffold, chainsaws to cherry-pickers, hire periods can start from a single day.

Hire what you need from our extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

Most items can be hired by the day.

We stock an extensive range of equipment, tools and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Tools, equipment and accessories for professionals and DIY.


From domestic upholstery and carpet or patio cleaning to floor polishing to dust and fume extraction to rubble vacuums, Northern Tool Hire has the machine you need. Cleaning and floor care equipment to help you complete the task both effectively and simply.

We have a range of Stihl, Karcher and Kew power washers. We have petrol or electric power washers, steam cleaners by Karcher for indoor and outdoor use, dust and fume extraction supplied by Hilti and Ebac fresh air sanitisers and dust and rubble vacuums with powerful suction.

All items are fully tested and serviced before each new hire. Demonstrations, correct method of use and any safety requirements are supplied by our fully trained staff. We strongly recommend that customers when advised also take appropriate safety equipment.

Prices exclude VAT and are for guidance only. A refundable deposit is required on all hire items. Our delivery and collection service may be available, charged depending on location. Discounts may be available for extended hire or large orders. Contact us for more details.


Floor Scrubber/Polisher

Our Numatic sprite machines are ideal for cleaning large areas and will polish most types of solid flooring. Large capacity solution tank, Assortment of brushes and scrubbing pads, large 400mm cleaning head, 110V or 220V.

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Floor Scrubber/Dryer

Our Numatic floor scrubber/dryers are suitable for use in public areas and are perfect for keeping workshops and showroom floors in pristine condition. With a large capacity dirty water tank and a heavy duty 450mm scrubbing head, you will be left with clean and dry floors even in the most demanding of conditions.

Makes Numatic, Karcher, Kew
Weight 61kg battery, 52kg mains
Battery 24V
Width 400mm
Working width 400mm with brush / 770mm vac
Fluid capacity 25 ltrs
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Cimex Floor Scarifier

For removing compacted grease, food residues and finishes from hard floors to prepare ready for normal cleaning. This heavy duty industrial scarifier for floors, with its dust free application, works effectively and efficiently in any environment.

Voltage 110V
Weight 62kg
Tool head speed 400 RPM

Heavy duty floor prep for scarifying, grinding, stripping and other industrial applications. Remove adhesive, carpet backing, foam and rubber. Easy to control.

Contra-rotating triple wire brushes for sale.

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Rotating Patio Cleaner

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Leaf/Debris Collector - Petrol

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Stihl KM55 Rotary Brush Cleaner - Petrol

This Stihl KM55 power brush will clean and sweep pathways, patios, driveways and lawns.

It is ideal to recondition artificial lawns - the KM55 will thoroughly sweep and brush up your artificial strands to make the lawn look like new again. Constantly used by professional gardeners in small and large areas.

Weight 12.9kg
Engine 2-stroke
Propulsion Push along
Overall length of sweep 125cm
Weight of brush 6.4kg
Total width 60cm

A unique machine for cleaning ingrained dirt. Easy and quick to use.

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Carpet Cleaning

Domestic Carpet Cleaner

This small, lightweight carpet cleaner is ideal for domestic households and office carpets. The easily maneuvered carpet cleaner is simple to operate and cleans and restores pile on most fabric. It deep-cleans carpets and leaves minimal residual moisture. Carpets will be dry within 1 hour.

Can be used on hard surfaces as a cleaner or to extract water mass after flooding. An upholstery tool is available for furniture (settees, chairs, cushions), curtains, car upholstery and stairs.

Simple to operate. Carpet 4-1 cleaning fluid available to buy. Always colour test a small area first.

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Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

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Carpet Dryer/Blower

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Single Motor Dry Vac

Famously known as little Henry vacuum from Numatic, powerful suction cleaner for a range of applications in warehouses, offices, factories, house lofts.

Voltage 110V / 240V
Holding capacity 9 ltr
Width 340mm
Height 340mm
Weight 8.1kg

Available in 240v or 110v. For added hygiene dust bags are available for sale or return.

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Single Motor Wet/Dry Vac

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Numatic Twin Motor Wet/Dry Vac

The wet and/or dry pick up is made to tackle most debris collecting applications. Ideal for heavy duty commercial works.

Voltage 110V / 240V
Holding capacity wet 35 ltrs, dry 30 ltrs
Hose length 3m
Hose diameter 50mm

Features 99.997% dust filtration efficiency and low noise level for sensitive areas. Ideal for large offices, refurbishment and commercial premises. Tackles any flooded areas with quick and easy wet pick up. Comes with wheeled transportation trolley with fold down handle for easy maneuverability.

Large capacity micro filter dust bags available for sale/return.

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Triple Motor Wet/Dry Vac

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Numatic Triple Motor Heavy-duty Dry Vac

Designed and built for those tough, heavy going cleaning jobs. Ideal for heavy site refurbishment, commercial and industrial use. This vac is a monster with its powerful 3 motor operation for the ultimate rubble and dust extraction. With its large capacity stainless steel container emptying becomes less frequent.

Voltage 110V / 240V
Motor power 3 x 1060W
Dimensions 560mm x 660mm x 1075mm
Collector capacity 60 ltr
Hose length 2.4m
Weight 36kg

Two stage filter system. Mounted on wheeled trolley. Hose connection allows a full range of accessories to be used. Waste container can be easily disconnected for emptying.

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CFM Large Volume Industrial Dry Vac

Built to give ultimate dry suction power this specialised three motor vacuum, throwing out 960watts x 3 continuously, makes cleaning up jobs so very easy. Ideally used in major refurbishment projects in factories, houses, hotels, industrial units etc etc.

Conventional vacuum cleaners cannot cope with the fine particles created when preparing different substrates, unlike the CFM vacuum. Emptying is so easy with the two stage dumping process.

Voltage 110V
Tank capacity 60 ltr
Hose diameter 50mm (2")
Dimensions (L x W x H) 710mm x 650mm x 1530mm
Weight 66kg

Large front wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Two front castors for easy steering. Large capacity holding tank. Very reliable and robust. Ideal for removing fine dust particles.

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Pressure Washers

Drain Cleaner/Jetter

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Electric Pressure Washer

The Karcher electric, direct water feed is ideal for those all-round jobs like Patio cleaning, vehicle and machinery cleaning. Get your conservatory looking like new again or give those gutters a blast (ensure safety goggles are worn – also available to buy).

Voltage 240V
Power 2200W
Max pressure 115 bar
Flow rate 500 ltrs/hour
Weight 19kg
Size 360mm x 375mm x 925mm

Integrated hose reel. Direct drive with minimal moving parts. High quality components. Automatic pressure cut off for reduced energy and water consumption. Switches off immediately when work is interrupted. Water hose reel can be hired separately. Integrated cleaning fluid container.

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Power Washer Electric 110v

Our medium class pressure washer is ideal for heavily soiled cleaning task. The machine features 4 pole electric motor that runs at lower RPM than the normal 2 – pole motor providing more power and longevity.

Voltage 110V
Power 2.9kW
Operating pressure 30 - 110 bar (345 - 1600 psi)
Max pressure 140 bar
Spray output 10 ltr/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 467mm x 407mm x 1010mm
Weight 48kg

Pressure switch control, includes 10m pressure hose. Anti-twist system, complete with 1050mm lance and triple nozzle. Water hose reel can be hired separately.

Our whirlygig rotating patio cleaner can be used with most pressure washers, forces action water jets to give patios and block paving the ultimate clean.

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Taskman PW150 Petrol Pressure Washer

This highly mobile (trolley mounted) petrol powered medium duty high pressure cleaner is ideal for cleaning power where no power supply is available. The compact Honda GX200 engine and stainless steel interpump is mounted on a rugged tubular steel carriage for maximum protection, it can be wheeled about with minimum effort.

This machine has the extra bonus of cleaning fluid attachment to draw in a cleaner to clean different surfaces.Compact and robust, fully controllable pressure, from 100 – 2250 PSI. Ideal for domestic cleaning, forestry, construction, patio cleaning, grime off decking and many more.

Petrol cans available to buy comes with suction water pipe or facility to use direct feed (hose pipe).

Working pressure 2250 PSI
Max water output 11 ltrs/minute
Weight 34kg
Size 1000mm x 600mm x 860mm

Automatic engine shut off with low oil level.

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Taskman PW3000 Petrol Pressure Washer

When it comes to heavily soiled and ingrained dirt the heavy duty 3000 PSI petrol pressure washer is the machine to do the job properly. Rugged and versatile petrol engine, cold water high pressure washer giving out 3000PSI in cleaning force.

Engine and pump mounted on Anti-vibration mounts in a sturdy steel frame with large diameter wheels to ensure easy mobility even in the most difficult of terrains.

No electricity supply required.

High pressure lance and hose as standard.

Automatic motor shut off, with low level oil. Chemical induction, compact and robust. Up to 3000PSI (200 bar) pressure. Ideal for forestry, agricultural construction and many more applications.

Fully controllable pressure, easy start, on a trolley frame.

Working pressure 3000 PSI
Max water output 15 ltrs/minute
Weight 85kg
Size 720mm x 600mm x 990mm
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Steam Cleaner - Diesel

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Dust Extraction

Dust Extractor

Our wet and dry dust extractor comes complete with hose and heavy duty filter. On the Makita 110v M Class dust extractor unit the extractors are designed especially for the removal of wood, MDF and even metal fragments. A great piece of design work comes in the form of front castor wheels to make the unit highly maneuverable whilst the large diameter rear wheels make going over cables and obstructions not only easier but safer.

Voltage 110V
Tank capacity 45 ltr
Dust bag capacity 20 ltr
Max air volume 3.1 cu mtr / min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 506mm x 476mm x 655mm
Weight 16.6kg

Makita M Class dust extractor features a warning facility in case of blockage. Automatic filter clean, automatic on/off facility to run power tools. Dust bags available.

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Fume/Dust Extractor

12" fan, 6m duct

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Floor Tile Strippers

Floor Tile Remover

Heavy-duty handheld electric, with attachment

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SPE Floor Tile Stripper

With this medium application floor tile stripper from SPE, lifting floor tiles, lino or carpet is no longer a struggle. The easy to use vibrating blade machine will cope with most surfaces so vinyl floor tiles are not a problem with the medium duty floor tile lifter.

High frequency vibrating blade. Fully adjustable blade angle to suit flooring and adhesion. Blunt and used blades are replaceable.

Spare blades available to buy on request.

Voltage 110V
Power rating 1100W
Weight 45kg
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SPE Floor Tile Stripper Heavy Duty

Like its medium duty cousin, this heavy duty floor tile stripper with its self-propelled motion will remove all carpet tiles and lino with ease. Just switch on and let the machine do all the heavy work for you. Fully adjustable chassis to adjust blade angle. Single clamp arrangement for quick and easy blade change.

Powerful 110V motor and wide blades for ease. Large wheels for easy mobility and low noise output.

Model MS330-1
Working width 330mm
Motor speed 2800 RPM
Voltage 110V
Power output 3HP
Portable transformer 5kVA
Generator required 8kVA
Weight 132kg
Size 1000mm x 1100mm x 480mm
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