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Tool Hire

We stock an extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

From steam cleaners to scaffold, chainsaws to cherry-pickers, hire periods can start from a single day.

Hire what you need from our extensive range of quality equipment, power and hand tools and accessories for construction and builders, gardeners, decorators, cleaners and general DIY.

Most items can be hired by the day.

We stock an extensive range of equipment, tools and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Tools, equipment and accessories for professionals and DIY.

Gardening & Landscaping

When you need tools for garden clearance, lawn care, hedge trimming or tree cutting our hire range will have exactly what you need. For garden maintenance we stock a large range of common garden tools and machines such as stump grinders, shredders, chippers, chainsaws, rotavators, turf cutters, lawn aerators and lawn scarifiers. We also sell a broad range of quality lawnmowers.

All items are fully tested and serviced before each new hire. Demonstrations, correct method of use and any safety requirements are supplied by our fully trained staff. We strongly recommend that customers when advised also take appropriate safety equipment.

Prices exclude VAT and are for guidance only. A refundable deposit is required on all hire items. Our delivery and collection service may be available, charged depending on location. Discounts may be available for extended hire or large orders. Contact us for more details.


5HP Rotavator - Petrol

5HP light duty rotavators from Honda, Viking or Mountfield are just perfect for breaking up, turning over and cultivating compacted soil in gardens, allotments, vegetable patches and flower boarders. With its robust forward motion blades it will turn over hard compacted soil a lot easier than doing it by hand. Also an ideal tool for levelling off uneven gardens.

Working width 640mm (25")
Digging depth 300mm (12")
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1400mm x 700mm x 840mm
Weight 75Kg

Forward and reverse operation. Petrol easy start engine. Foldaway handle for easy transporting. Clutch control. Controlled speed levers. Very effective and robust.

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Camon C8 Medium Duty Rotavator - Petrol

The Camon C8 (BCS 710) Rotavator is extremely easy to use. With its powerful Honda engine and simple operating controls combined with the all gear drive ensure the C8 is simple to use. This C8 Camon rotavator is ideal for allotments and gardens and is capable of producing a great finish in previously uncultivated ground.

Power output 8.4HP
Working width 520mm (20")
Digging depth 200mm (8")
No of blades 4
Weight 105Kg

Gear box operated. Easy start. Dead man handle for operator safety. Digging depth control. All-round cutter protection cover.

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Honda F610 Heavy Duty Rotavator - Petrol

The Honda F610 is the daddy of all rotavators. Designed for working on large landscape and garden projects. With the 13HP Honda engine you have full digging power at your fingertips. A market gardeners dream, this Honda F610 will give you the ultimate job well done.

Working width 700mm (27.5")
Weight 210Kg

Honda easy start engine. Perfectly balanced for easy handling. Left and right turn levers. A pleasure to operate. Three forward gears and two reverse.

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Lawn Scarifier - Heavy Duty - Petrol

This high-performance Stihl petrol lawn scarifier removes moss, lawn thatch and stubborn weeds from your lawn quickly and conveniently. This Stihl lawn scarifier with its powerful petrol engine will give you optimal lawn aeration. By scarifing your lawn once a year and adding lawn nutrients you can be sure to get that bowling green finish.

Working width 380mm
Working depth 150mm
Weight 33Kg

Sturdy fixed blades which effectively aerate the lawn. Easy start engine. Easy running wheels. Working depth adjustment. Integrated cable strain relief. Carrying handle. Foldable handlebar. Debris collection box.

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Lawn Scarifier / Raker - Electric

This electric lawn rake and scarifier can aerate your lawn and also remove dense thatch, moss and any leaves on your lawn and deposits them in collection bag. Continuous use of the lawn scarfier will encourage healthy growth on a standard size lawn.

Power 1300w
Working width 320mm
Working depth 150mm
Grassbox capacity 30ltr
Weight 9.4Kg

Five different settings for working height adjustment. Large wheels for stable and easy moving. 10m power lead. Foldaway handles for ease of carriage. 30L grass collection bag. Quick,quiet and effective. Dead man safety switch.

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Turf Cutter - Petrol

The easiest and most efficient way to remove large areas of turf in preparation for landscape gardening projects. Also ideal for pipe and cable laying. Cutter features powerful Honda engine and variable depth setting.

Working width 400mm
Cutting depth 25mm - 40mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 800mm x 640mm x 800mm
Weight 90Kg

Removes up to 500m of turf per hr. Adjustable cutting depth to 40mm. Ideal for domestic applications. Ideal for removing old turf and prepare for new turf.

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Stihl Post Hole Borer to 6" - Petrol

Good post holes are key to good, long lasting fencing. Our post hole borer digs our post holes quickly and easily, operated by one person it can dig holes to a bore auger depth of 700mm. Perfect for small fencing posts. For use in soil only.

Power Two-stroke petrol
Auger diameter 100mm / 150mm
Weight 9.4Kg

Fitted with safety clutch to stop snagging. Deadman emergency stop lever. Wrap around engine protection. All engine controls together for easy operation. Also used for tree planting.

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Post Hole Borer - 4"-6" - Manual

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Billy Goat Self-Propelled Petrol Leaf / Debris Suction Collector

A garden vacuum that will suck up leaves, debris, and litter into the Billy Goat's large collection bag. This is a petrol operated machine which makes picking up leaves easy. This is a professional model to cope with large areas and the perfect substitute for raking leaves and picking up litter.

Weight 52Kg
Engine 5HP Briggs
Propulsion Push
Bag Capacity 250 Ltrs
Suction pipe length 3m
Nozzle 75cm

Large capacity collection bag, High and low operation. Ideal for gardens, footpaths, carparks and schools. Separated impeller blades to mulch all waste, wheel adjustment at your fingertips to accommodate hard surface or turf work.

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Stihl Handheld Petrol Leaf Blower

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Stihl Backpack Petrol Leaf Blower

This Stihl petrol leaf blower and vacuum is fitted with a 45 litre collection bag for easy disposal of leaves. It can clear large areas of leaves quickly and easily.

Fuel Two-stroke petrol

Lightweight and portable. Easy to start, 45 Litre collection bag, dual blow and vacuum operation.

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Stihl KM Rotary Stiff Brush Cleaner - Petrol

This Stihl KM55 power brush will clean and sweep pathways, patios, driveways and lawns.

It is ideal to recondition artificial lawns - the KM55 will thoroughly sweep and brush up your artificial strands to make the lawn look like new again. Constantly used by professional gardeners in small and large areas.

Weight 12.9Kg
Engine 2-stroke
Propulsion Push along
Overall length of sweep 125cm
Weight of brush 6.4Kg
Total width 60cm

A unique machine for cleaning ingrained dirt. Easy and quick to use.

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Chainsaw with Safety Kit - Electric

Makita electric 110v/240v chainsaw is a modern lightweight chainsaw with automatic oil feed to give your blade long lasting sharpness. Ideal for small pruning and light trimming jobs. Complete with safety kit.

Voltage 110v / 240v
Blade length 400mm
Cable length 4m

Oil fill level window. Large metal spike bumper kickback brake. Adjustable automatic oil pump. Easy to use chain adjuster. Comes complete with fully sharpened blade.
Popular applications include log cutting, tree felling, hedge cutting and land clearance.


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Chainsaw with Safety Kit - Two-stroke

Makita /Husqvarna 2 stroke petrol chainsaws are developed for hard demanding work. Ideal for tree felling, chopping wood, pruning and most construction site work.

Power Two-stroke petrol
Cutting length 450mm
Weight 7Kg

Detailed and in depth demonstration given. Full safety kit supplied. Anti kick bar for added safety. Anti-vibration dampers to absorb full vibration impact. Easy pull start. Fuel (ready mixed) and chain oil also available.

IMPORTANT: Chainsaws are only available to competent over 18s. We reserve the right to refuse service.

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Fence Post Driver - Two-stroke

Designed with anti-vibration handles to reduce the transmission of vibration, this machine is perfect for driving round posts, ground rods, form pins and tent stakes. Ideal for fencing contractor landscape gardeners, local authorities, DIY maintenance contractors and country estates.

Power Two-stroke petrol
Dimensions (L x W x H) 273mm x 432mm x 660mm

Drives in posts quick and easy. Lightweight and compact. Various post sizes from 20mm - 80mm.

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Garden Roller - Water Filled

Give your lawn that professional look with this easy to handle, easy to clean water filled roller.

Roller width 439mm
Roller diameter 355mm
Weight - empty 7Kg
Weight - filled

Water: 50Kg

Sand: 80Kg

Used for smoothing lawns. Ideal for gently compressing soil. Water filled plastic drum, easy to transport when empty of water and sand.

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This robust wheelbarrow is perfect for transporting garden waste and general rubble.

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Power Barrow Self-Propelled Mini-Dumper 1/4 Ton Petrol

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Post Rammer

This manual fence post driver/knocker/rammer is a very simple but extremely efficient tool for driving wooden fence posts into the ground.

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Flame Gun

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Chippers & Shredders

Timberwolf 3" Heavy-duty Chipper/ Shredder - Petrol

This 3" capacity Timberwolf heavy duty chipper is designed to work all day, every day and is capable of dealing with three quarters of a tonne of brushwood per hour. The Timberwolf petrol shredder/chipper is perfect for landscaping and DIY use as it will cope with the full range of green waste in your garden.

Power 13HP petrol
Tank capacity 6.5 ltr
Chips up to 75mm / 3"
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1565mm x 800mm x 1600mm

Positive blade feed draws material in. Ideal for branches, brushwood and prunings. Will chip and shred to a maximum of 3' (75mm). Gravity feed in. Easy start engine.

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Timberwolf 5" Road Tow Chipper - Petrol

The best things come in small packages. This 5" Timberwolf heavy duty road tow chipper is ideal for safety disposal of tree debris up to a diameter of 5" (125mm). Dual feed control devices situated either side of the feed funnel naturally position the user in the 'safe zone' during chipping. A truly powerful and awesome machine used by both professional tree surgeons and the DIY enthusiast.

Power 22HP Petrol
Tank capacity 18Ltr
Throughput 3.5 tons/hour
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2935mm x 1266mm x 2108mm
Weight 608Kg

Electric start engine. Stop/start safety lever. Reversible sharp steel blades. Directional funnel feed out. Easy to use. Ideal for logs, brambles, prunings.

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Greenmech 130 Road Tow Chipper - Petrol

For those really challenging on-site jobs, the Greenmech 130 road tow chipper will chip most garden green waste items including tree cuts up to 6" in diameter, pruning material and brambles. With its fast feed in rotary technology, you are guaranteed to get the job done with no fuss at all.

Power 23HP Petrol
Tank capacity 27 ltr
Throughput 3ΒΌ Tons / hour
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3556mm x 1290mm x 2335mm
Weight 670Kg

150mm chipping capacity. Disc blade chipping technology. Bottom bar safety mechanism. No stress power control twin hydraulic feed rollers.

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1.5" Shredder - Electric

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Large Stump Grinder - Petrol

This heavy duty tree stump grinder/cutter allows you to grind tree stumps up to 300mm (12") below the ground.A well balanced,manoeuvrable machine that provides commercial power and high productivity.The cutting system provides sharp, fast cutting due to its unique tooth design.

Power Petrol
Cutting disc speed 4700RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1420mm x 580mm x 1140mm
Weight 61Kg

3 powerful cutting/grinding teeth. 6HP Honda engine. Operator presence safety shut down handle. Folding design-fits into boot of standard car. Braked wheel for easy to side. Grinding action. Cutting capacity above ground 25cm.

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Small Stump Grinder - Petrol

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Venom 35-ton Log Splitter

The venom 35-ton pro-elite log splitter is designed for professional, heavy duty, commercial and domestic use.The ultimate road tow hydraulic log splitter with a splitting capacity of 35 ton, this log splitter can be used in horizontal and or vertical splitting positions. The steel axehead is designed to crack open logs up to a diameter of 450mm.

Power Petrol
Towing 50mm ball
Operation Hydraulic

35t splitting force. Road towable. Lever controlled forward/rev. Auto return ram. Two way splitting action. Very powerfull. Easy to use. Ultra safe.

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Rotary Petrol Lawnmower

Mowing large areas is no problem for this professional, powerful Makita push along lawn mower. With its adjustable cutting deck, an overgrown lawn is not a problem.

Fuel Petrol
Cutting width 450mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1415mm x 453mm x 980mm
Weight 29Kg

Lightweight body. Easy to push. Collects and compresses mowed grass into collection box. Easy to adjust mowing height. Deadman handle safety feature. Folding handles for easy transportation.

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Flair Lawnmower - Heavy Duty - Petrol

Fast clearance of brush and scrub makes those impossible tasks easy. Watch the Makita petrol run flair mower go through the longest and toughest rough ground application. Narrow enough to go through single gates and can be easily steered by applying brakes to relevant wheel.

Power Petrol
Cutting width 500mm (20")
Cutting height 20mm - 80mm
Weight 97.5Kg
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Self-Propelled Lawnmower - Petrol

Designed for cutting lawns up to 1800 square meters this Makita self propelled mower will do the job with ease.

Fuel Petrol
Cutting width 480mm (19")
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1480mm x 460mm x 800mm
Weight 40Kg

Self propelled. 3 step adjustable handle. Rubberised handle bar. Speed control. Collection box of 70L. One speed gear box. Dead man handle. Foldaway handle for easy transportation.

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Fly Mower 20" Petrol

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Hover Mower 20" Petrol

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Trimmers & Strimmers

Stihl Double-Sided Hedge Trimmer

An exceptionally well balanced and rugged double cutting edge petrol hedge trimmer. Suitable for heavy duty architectural, horticultural, commercial and domestic work.

Power Two-stroke Petrol
Blade size 450mm (18")
Weight 5.8Kg

Cuts twigs up to 20mm. Easy start procedure, 45cm/18" blade length. Light and compact, anti-vibration system. Double sided cutting blades.

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Hedgetrimmer - Electric

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Stihl Long-Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Our STIHL long reach petrol hedge trimmer is 24" with double sided blade for cutting through thick branches with speed and ease.

Power Two-stroke
Blade size 600mm (24")
Reach 3m
Articulation 0 - 115 degrees
Weight 6Kg

Capable of cutting twigs up to 20mm. Adjustable cutter bar. Comes with harness strap for more stability.

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Long-Reach Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer / Brush Cutter

Also known as a heavy duty petrol strimmer, brushcutter or weed wacker. Used for a wide range of applications from trimming lawn edges to heavy dutyweeds and brambles. Used with a left to right swing motion it cuts through the heaviest of undergrowth.

Choice of strimmer heads, including metal blades. Includes shoulder harness. 

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Heavy Duty Electric Strimmer / Brush Cutter

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